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Who we are 
CatManDew LABS (Language Acquisition and Bilingualism School) is an ever-evolving community of explorers—personally, artistically, and geographically. Professionally, we are a production house with hands and feet in both the Analog and Digital realms.
Made up of graphic artists, writers, social workers, and developers, we are a group of immigrants and locals working together. We see ourselves as post-multicultural in that we want to foster both the recognition of diversity and the maintenance of collective national identities. Therefore, CatManDew LABS seeks to harness the power of diverse local talent and bridge it with international mindsets from abroad.
We're an experimental "LABoratory" providing space for research and investigation into our current forte: animation, web design, digital marketing, creative assets, and innovative corporate social responsibility initiatives that connect brands with specific Nepali-led projects.
Our Vision 
The goal is to go beyond the traditional client-consultant relationship and transcend standard outsourcing methodology. Currently, the outsourcing industry is a culture where invisible craftsmanship thrives, providing no career advancement or cultivation of artists and their voices.
The worst part of this new outsourced era is that it has created a generation of artists who find themselves without inventive portfolios of work. They are forced to sign agreements barring them from being accredited or non-compete clauses, disallowing them to open similar businesses in the future. CatManDew LABS renounces such practices and recognises that our artists often come from impoverished, fragile, and crisis-ridden economies.
Together we're a collective of part-time professionals supplementing their income due to being seen as mere cogs on a supply chain, given mindless work that renders us easily replaceable. Our team fears leaving their current jobs and becoming risk-averse due to job security. However, once matched with exciting and innovative projects that promote creativity and input, we hope our portfolios will become diverse, less corporate, and lead to more additional future opportunities.
CatManDew LABS always profiles artists equally and guarantees credit with compensation. It is a process that inevitably leads to a thriving culture of imaginative and entrepreneurial spirit, a professional collective that meets the creative and adaptive demands of an unpredictable future.
Our Mission
To equip, train, and guide our members with resources so they may flourish communally and as artistic agents of their own in today's evolving international market.
To see our projects as direct reflections of this process, dispensing with the lines that separate us in favour of collaborative exploration and achievement.
To create thoughtful and groundbreaking work for both viewer and creator, ultimately nurturing an open culture of discovery that lets outsourcing be a bridge to another culture.
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