Discovery is Our product . Our platform . Our medium 
Who we are 
An ever-evolving community of explorers—personally, artistically and geographically. Professionally, we are a production house with hands and feet in both the 
Analog and Digital realms. Our current specialty is stop-motion animation. 
We see ourselves as post-multicultural and post-multimedia, in that traditional and modern modes of communication are both our tools and our medium. We find ourselves in a world on the cusp of a new form of communication and see all people as active creators of this new language cradled in the minds of individuals, transported through advancing technologies, finally making its home in every corner of the globe. 
Our Mission 
To create work which is thoughtful and groundbreaking for both viewer and creator, ultimately nurturing an open culture of discovery that transcends our organization as we instigate and empower local artistic collectives through our diverse and prolific international network of partners and collaborators. 
How we do it 
CatManDew continually seeks to harness the power of diverse local talent, bridging traditional and digital artisan industries through our studio headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. With support from our U.S.-based startup accelerator and our extensive network of collaborators and partners, we provide fresh perspectives and global career opportunities for each unique member of our team. Each is equipped with training, guidance, and resources so they may flourish not only communally but as artistic agents of their own in today’s evolving international market. We see our projects as a direct reflection of this process, dispensing with the lines that separate us in favor of collaborative exploration and achievement. 
Why we do it 
Currently, most of the work available in Kathmandu has been married to the outsourcing industry, one that promotes a culture of invisible craftsmanship and provides no career advancement or cultivation of artists and their voice. The worst part of this new outsourced era is that it has created a generation of artists that find themselves without portfolios of work as they are forced to sign agreements barring them from being credited artists for behemoth media entities in the West. They are seen merely as a cog on a supply chain, given mindless work that renders them easily replaceable. As these artists come from impoverished, fragile, and often crisis-ridden economies, they fear to leave and become risk-averse due to the job security the outsource centers provide. 
We prefer to match artists with exciting and innovative projects that promote creativity and input, profile all artists equally, and ensure that each receives the credit and compensation they deserve. This is a process which inevitably leads to a thriving culture of entrepreneurial digital artists, a professional collective which meets the creative and adaptive demands of an unpredictable future. In addition, we focus on work that contributes to positive social change and promotes diversity in the digital arts. 

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