Team Members

Joey: Founder, Advisor: Creative 🎬
To make things short, let me say this. I was born in 🇺🇸, made in 🇨🇳, was then alive in 🇶🇦 for many years but ended up in 🇲🇽🌵 soon after, ⚰️ from 💔 and was recently just reincarnated in 🇳🇵.
I make 🛑-motion animated 🎶 📹 and PSA’s but to get where I am I have done a lot of 😜 stuff along the 🛣. Including but not limited to, life-size ❄️ sculptures in the Beijing 🌞 heat, colossal 🌲 made out of porcelain, underwater 🚲 structures that turn into coral reefs and last but not least, 🍶.
I'm also a 🚂 object 🔬 that specializes in public 🎨 deterioration within the Arabian Peninsula. My thesis was on artificial Xmas 🎄.
Visit my website at www.joey.qa or my vimeo site at www.vimeo.com/joeyfosterellis
Contact j@catmandew.co
Sunil: Co-founder, Director: Graphics Guru
Born and raised in Nepal, a country with mad amounts of cultural and natural beauty, and one flourishing and friendly society. That’s the reason I love Art! It’s all around us.The beauty and the culture of my country inspires me each and every day. I love that for an activist, like myself, there are plenty of social causes to take part in here.
These are the main reasons why I co-founded CatManDew with my good buddy Joey, so that I can work on cool projects that build awareness for social causes and art simultaneously. So, I’m here now to create and work on projects that help people to get social messages out in the world with the help of art.
I just want people to love the art and the society they live in, and now with my work, I am devoted to projects working on social causes in Nepal and all around the world. And I’m a momma’s boy, yup I said it. 
Visit my vimeo site at www.vimeo.com/sunilshrestha
Contact sunil@catmandew.co
Nive: Co-Founder, Advisor: Producer
A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of sass! I work to help people help themselves and that’s the only work I wish to do. Spent over 20 years working on project management, program design, implementation and blah blah blah evaluations in health, education, art, culture, and technology—for people, with people, for the man, here, there, and everywhere—and now for myself with these yahoos in Kathmandu, proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it with a good group of people and a healthy dose of bad ideas. Sifting through them for a diamond in the rough is how I choose to spend my days.
Currently concocting half-cocked projects with my partners in crime, with the goal of getting amazing ideas funded and out into the world. Most importantly, building a world of equity and beauty for all in a world of pure imagination.
Visit my vimeo site at www.vimeo.com/nivedas
Contact nive@catmandew.co
Pooja: Boardmember: Graphics Guru in Training 
‘Tahachal, Kathmandu was where I was born and raised, playing with graphics is how I spend most of my days.
I love and live to create beautiful designs that are relatable to all people, and that communicate important messages to society. I want to bring these messages to life. 
I enjoy traveling, and am obsessed with finding new music to listen to. So I want to relate the music I love to the art I produce and find new ways to explore the world in beautiful ways.
I am a female hear me ROAAAARRRRR !!! I want to bring awareness to the roles that women can play in society and let other women know that they can stand in front just like a man. As a board member, artist and activist at CatManDewCo-labs I hope to serve as an example of what can be accomplished for all Nepali women. 
As I am a fun loving person. I simply want to work, live and make the environment full of joy and happiness for everyone. Plus I love a cat’s.
 Visit my vimeo site at www.vimeo.com/poojabajracharya
Contact pooja@catmandew.co

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