Within each artist lies a group of people behind their work that made it possible. None of my work has been made alone and although the conception and constructions are pushed by me, even at times made by my own hands, I am led by a group of people that not only help me create the projects I imagine but also inspire me to achieve the dreams my mind presents.

Below is just a small selection of the people that help make my work possible. People without ego, without a need for recognition and in no way wanting anything more than to just help get the job done. I truly believe that the followers at times are much more important than the leaders, for they give the leader substance and a voice.
Ellen Cheng
Luo Qing Hua
Li He Ping
Indeewaree Thotawattage
Nirmal Kumar Thapa
Shreya Pokharel
 *This is a part on my site that I am currently updating... stay tuned to learn more about the amazing people that have helped me pursue my passion.

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