Working with Thankas destroyed in the recent earthquake, these works were scanned then printed on using collected imagery from airplane safety manuals and early Nepali tourist books from the 1940’s. Proceeds will go towards a project supporting the local artists with the overall goal of rebuilding a Thanka training center that collapsed during the earthquake. If interested please get in touch with me via the "contact" section of this website. Thanka is a Nepalese painting on cotton, or silk appliqué, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. They serve as important teaching tools depicting the life of the Buddha, various influential lamas and other deities and bodhisattvas.

Surkshit Ooopaya Tin सुरक्षित उपाय “Thanka You" Series (Triptych)
Surkshit Oopaya Tin" 2015 Archival Digital Print (Edition of 2) Dimensions Vary
* "Surkhshit Oopaya” means safety measures in Nepali  
Surkshit Oopaya Dui सुरक्षित उपाय "Thanka You" Series
Surkshit Oopaya Dui" 2015 Archival Digital Print (Edition of 5) 90x75cm
* “Surkhshit Oopaya” means safety measures in Nepali  
Surkshit Oopaya Ek सुरक्षित उपाय "Thanka You" Series
Surkshit Oopaya Ek" 2015 Archival Digital Print (Edition of 5) 75x90cm
* “Surkhshit Oopaya” means safety measures in Nepali

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