Afrobeat SL Music Video

Sierra Leonean Technologist teams with American Sculptor to create GIF inspired Stop-motion Afrobeat Music Video.

"I have loved this piece because of what it represents to how I imagine the world to be—a collaborative ecosystem with respect for everyone’s culture. It’s about youth, vibrant colors, taking action, online/digital culture, and inclusiveness.”— Moinina David Sengeh 
The video was produced and directed by Joey Foster Ellis (an American living in between Mexico, Qatar, India, Nepal, and China). Technical help in the post editing process was provided by Aroon Prajapati and Dipesh Maharjan, two digital artists based in Kathmandu.
The project was funded in part, by grants from the Council for the Arts at MIT. An abridged 1-minute version was first premiered at the 2015 TED Fellows retreat in Monterrey, California 
*An article in the Adobe Create e-magazine about this project can be found by clicking on this link

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